You know the feeling when you’re carrying the weight of some pretty heavy emotions, ashamed to speak them aloud, uncertain if anyone else has ever gone through something similar, weary of being judged if you do share, and yet finally feeling compelled to courageously share it? Yeah, us, too.

We aren’t meant to go through this life on our own. We crave connection and belonging. While one-on-one therapy can work wonders. Meditation is profoundly healing. Solo time for reflection and journaling are all powerful healing tools, and there is something even more potent in being witnessed, in sharing in community, in realizing that you are not alone.

This is what a Women’s Process Group is—a safe space for you to share your stories and nurture a community of like-minded women.

We are an open, ongoing group for adult women (age 20+) who are struggling with perfectionism, anxiety, worthiness and shame. Members can join at any time in the year when an opening is available. We accept referrals year round and keep a wait list for anyone who is interested.

Each group is unique but all groups focus on self-compassion, vulnerability, shame resilience, healthy relationships, self-care, and ultimate connection. Maximum group size is 6 people.

Are you ready to stop playing small and bravely step into your confidence and into owning all of who you are?

All the Details!

Time: Every week on Tuesdays from 11:45am - 1:00pm

Time commitment: To protect the integrity of the group, all members are required to commit to at least 3 months of membership. After that, if you feel like you’ve gotten what you need and would like to exit the group, then we can discuss what closing out with other group members would look like. Otherwise, you are welcome to stay as a member of the group for as long as it feels supportive for you. If you decide to leave for a period of time, you can always re-enter the group at a later date, provided that there are spots available.

Location: 4112 Marathon Blvd., Austin, TX 78756

Fees: $50 per group session for 75-minute groups. Payment will be collected at the end of each group session. We do not accept insurance for group offerings.

Registration: An initial intake assessment to determine goodness of fit for group based on client needs and current group focus, address group expectations, goals and policies, and begin building a relationship between the client and therapist.

Facilitators: Vanessa Flores, LCSW-S, CDWF