The supervisor-supervisee relationship is a unique one, in which there is openness and trust on both sides.  I am a Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners approved Clinical Supervisor. The supervisory relationship is one that must possess respect, trust, and openness by both the supervisor and supervisee. Supervision is an ongoing and evolving process to enhance clinical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Emphasis is placed on mastering competency in clinical skills and increasing your identity as a Clinical Social Worker.

I offer Clinical Social Work Supervision that is designed to enhance your clinical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes in order to achieve competency in your Social Work identity and in providing quality clinical care.Knowing that each person's learning style is unique, I offer a diverse supervision style that merges drawing on the psychodynamic and attachment models, cognitive-behavioral model, relational and developmental models.

With ten years of experience as a Social Worker, I bring a diverse background of skills and perspective to include: 

  • treating adolescents/adults and families
  • experience in the hospital setting working with children and families experiencing chronic illnesses
  • experience building a private practice and actively working with clients in that setting
  • experience in the school setting and working with teens and families of diverse backgrounds 
  • developmental issues, attachment issues and a strengths-based clinical approach 
  • utilizing the Daring Way™ model in a clinical setting as a Certified Daring Way Faciliator™

FAQ'S & General Information

Click HERE for the Rules and Regulations related to the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners.

What is clinical social work?

  • The practice of clinical social work is restricted to either a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or a Licensed Master Social Worker under clinical supervision in employment or under a clinical supervision plan.

  • Clinical social work is defined in the rules at 22 TAC §781.102(12) and includes “using specialized clinical knowledge and advanced skills to assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and addictions…  Treatment methods may include but are not limited to, providing individual, marital, couple, family, and group psychotherapy.” Clinical social workers are qualified and authorized to use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, and other diagnostic classification systems in the assessment, diagnosis and other practice activities.

May I seek LCSW supervision outside my place of employment?

  • Yes.

  • If the board-approved supervisor is not employed by or under contract with the agency to provide supervision towards licensure, the Supervisee is required to obtain and submit a Clinical Supervision Plan along with a letter from the agency executive or her/his designee on agency letterhead which authorizes the Supervisee to engage in supervision with the outside Supervisor.

How long do I have to be in supervision?

  • The board requires a  minimum of 100 hours of supervision with a board-approved supervisor that occurs throughout the course of a minimum of 3,000 supervised clinical hours. The supervisee must engage in supervision and clinical hours within a timeframe of a minimum of 24 months and in no more than 48 months. 

How often do I have to meet with my supervisor?

  • In accordance with Texas State Board requirements supervisees with an approved plan for full-time work must participate in no fewer than four (4) hours of supervision each calendar month AND no fewer than two (2) supervisory sessions each calendar month.

  • Supervision hours can be completed over a combination of individual and group sessions.

  • I am available to supervisees for consultation and if a crisis arises throughout the duration of our time together. Click here for the boards rules & regulations regarding the clinical supervision process.

I am currently taking applications for LMSW group supervision participants. The power of group supervision is one that I believe to be enriching, invaluable and supportive for clinical social work learning and growth. My rate for clinical supervision is $300 per month which includes both individual and group supervision.