Thrive Together: Leveling Up Into Group Practice | Sun. 5/19


Thrive Together: Leveling Up Into Group Practice | Sun. 5/19


Location: Greater Good Coffee Roasting Co.
Date: Sunday, May 19
Time: 10am - 12pm

Are you a clinician who is curious about what it takes to grow a group practice or expand what you’ve already created? Then this conversation is for you!

Join us for the inaugural Thrive Together panel discussion, which will explore the journey of several clinicians at various stages of expanding into group practice. We’ll share tips on where to get started and the biggest thing we’ve learned throughout our own unique process.

Our hope for this event is to provide a safe space for fellow mental health professionals to ask questions and dream big. We hope you may walk away feeling confident enough to lean into the desire to expand your own practice and know that you have the space and the community to ask for help along the way. Or perhaps, through this discussion you are able to take home real questions to contemplate so that you can get really honest with yourself to see if this is truly what you want.

Vanessa Flores of Colors of Austin Counseling is the brainchild of this event series, and she knows how possible it is to grow your business if you’re clear about WHY you want to it, and she wants to share some of those insights with others. This will be a safe space to ask and share openly about the money side of private practice and some of those other harder-to-discuss topics that are truly beneficial.

Who else will be on the panel?

MODERATOR: Bernadette Chavez Piñon, LPC-S


What’s the overall structure for the event?

  • 30 minutes to arrive, mingle and grab coffee

  • 45 minutes of facilitated Q&A

  • 45 minutes of open Q&A from the audience

Are you planning to host more of these panel discussions? If so, what might those look like?

  • Absolutely! Do you have ideas for the next topic? Email me and let’s discuss how we can collaborate. My hope is to offer these regularly so that we can continue in the spirit of community and collaboration.

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