• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Minor in Sociology

  • M.Ed. in Social Justice Education

  • MSW in Clinical Social Work

  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

  • Circle of Security Parent Facilitator  

  • Trained in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Trained in Attachment, Regulation and Competency Trauma Treatment

  • Trained in Sensory Motor Arousal Attachment Trauma Treatment

  • Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator

  • Licensed Master Social Worker, Texas License #65675

A common thread that weaves through most of our lives is the struggle to “fit in.”

There’s the push to fit in everything you need to do each day, while also taking care of everyone else’s needs (and without losing it yourself). There’s the stress you put on yourself to fit in with everyone else who seems to have their stuff together - even though you feel like you’re failing or have no idea what you’re doing. There’s the desire to have your story fit conveniently with the way other people see you, even when you know that’s not the full picture of who you are.

All of the work of fitting in is overwhelming and exhausting.  These feelings are often compounded if you, your partner, or your child have experienced emotional or physical abuse, neglect, or threat of violence at any point in your life. Trauma like this changes the brain and the way we feel like we fit in our bodies and in our relationships.

A therapist like me comes in at the point when you’ve decided instead of fitting in, you want to truly belong - within yourself, your story and your relationships. I like to think of myself as pretty practiced at not “fitting in” at this point (and I still manage to get things done!) For a long time I spent all my energy trying to fit in: in school, in relationships, in what it meant to be a white woman in our society. But there came a point when I realized my story was far too complex to fit in a box.  The wholeness I craved to feel in myself and my life could only be experienced if I was able to muster the courage enough to stop hiding from my story.

For the past decade, I’ve worked to create spaces for people to heal. Whatever you’re struggling with, whatever your story is, I meet you where you are, and don’t expect you to be anywhere other than that.  I believe that you are the expert of your own experience and that you deserve to feel whole and worthy of love and belonging.

I am not the head nodding, mmmhumming kind of therapist (although I do both when they’re called for!).   My approach to therapy integrates the brain and the body which means we might incorporate art, music, a walk outside, writing, play, or sand tray into our work together.

I will show up for you or your kids every week authentically and compassionately, bringing empathy and often humor too. I bring all of my experience in psychotherapy, the neurobiology of trauma, and social justice to help you problem solve, strategize, expand your ability sit with hard stuff, and own your story.

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