Colors of Austin Counseling believes the journey towards self-acceptance requires setting healthy boundaries with yourself. We know perfectionism is a gremlin that can dominate our minds and lives, and when we can get curious about those gremlins we have the power to take ownership of our story moving forward.



Who We Are

Our team offers a wide range of skills and expertise in working with clients from all backgrounds. Come say hi! 

Therapy Services

What would your life look like if you leaned into the discomfort you felt on the inside? What if you let go of who you are “supposed to be” and instead CELEBRATE  who you are?!

Groups & Workshops

We offer a series of groups and workshops throughout the year. Our offerings integrate verbal processing, creativity and art and finally, community and connection with incredibly brave people just like you!


Colors of Austin Counseling Locations

Central Austin: 4112 Marathon Blvd.


Cedar Park: 930 S. Bell. Blvd., Suite 306



"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." - Brené Brown