• Licensed Therapist

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Masters of Science in Social Work  

  • Fluent in Vietnamese

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Texas License #59801

One of the most important elements of a positive therapy experience is the therapeutic relationship. Finding the right therapist is understandably hard. You’re trying to find someone you feel comfortable enough with to share your personal struggles, thoughts, and vulnerabilities. As someone who has been on the other side, I approach the therapeutic relationship in an authentic, collaborative, and compassionate way.

Prior to joining Colors of Austin Counseling, I worked in various non-profits, healthcare, and mental health settings in the Austin area. I have experience working with culturally diverse adults and adolescents in treating a range of issues that include interpersonal (relationship) issues, women's issues, trauma, depression, grief and loss, cultural identity, and anxiety. I am passionate about empowering clients to heal from historical and current conditions that hold them back so they can create the life they want.

My years spent in the field of trauma and interpersonal violence is the reason that I am passionate about creating a safe therapeutic space that honors all. I strive to create a space for one to feel heard, understood, and accepted. In such a space, I believe that people can explore their values, challenge themselves, and even rediscover ways they can care for themselves. I also believe strongly in empowerment based and culturally grounded therapy, which means that clients have the means to resolve their issues with the right tools. Culturally grounded therapy is based in the idea that culture is much more than our ethnicity: it can be our family’s cultural norms, gender norms, languages we speak, social groups we identify with, etc. My background as an immigrant woman of color has allowed me to relate and assist clients in exploring identity, attachment, and relationship issues as it relates to culture.

In my practice, I utilize a holistic, integrative approach drawing from Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Focused and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, as well as Narrative Therapy tailored to best meet the client’s unique needs and goals. My role in the therapeutic process is to be a form of emotional support during my client’s journey to wellness by listening, providing insight, and problem solving together. When working with my clients, my priority is to make sure my clients feel heard and understood regardless of the experiences they have had. Whether you’re a college student with relationship and identity issues, a child who has witnessed domestic violence, or an adult with a history of sexual trauma and depression, I’m confident that together we can identify ways to enhance your life.

e-mail: doan@colorsofaustincounseling.com

p: 512-537-1187